[VIDEO] Ryan Presents at the 2019 Nelson Nash Institute Think Tank

The annual Nelson Nash Institute Think Tank Symposium is an invite-only event intended for Authorized Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Practitioners and their guests. The President of the NNI and Nelson’s son-in-law David Stearns has graciously permitted the speakers to share their talks.

Over 150 financial professionals attended this year’s Think Tank. For many — myself included — it is the highlight, professional event of the year. To be selected as one of the few invited to speak is a tremendous honor and privilege, and I’m extremely grateful to the NNI Board of Directors, including David Stearns, Carlos Lara, Robert Murphy, and Nelson Nash, for the unparalleled opportunity.

This talk contains the essential kernel of much of my academic and professional research. I am currently building and over the next few years will continue to build upon what I begin here throughout my doctoral studies, namely, the idea of capital as a monetary, financial concept in the context of Austrian Economics. (Of course, I will continue to provide direct, one-on-one services to individuals who wish to integrate these “Austrian” ideas in their own lives by implementing the IBC as a practicing, Authorized IBC Practitioner.)

In this presentation, I give my own view — original, yet informed and supported by the ideas of Nelson Nash and Carl Menger — of why capital deserves a seat at the table in the conversion about optimal financial strategy. In fact, it may even deserve the seat at the head of the table. In the past, capital has been neglected and misunderstood, leading to much of the personal financial strategy blunders and difficulties individuals have faced for decades. Capital, or the lack of it, is at the core of our financial woes on every level — from the political, to the commercial, all the way down to the individual. As the best way to accumulate and deploy capital, the IBC is simply the solution.

Dr. Robert Murphy was very kind to introduce me and the subject of my talk.

If you would like to review the slides I use in the talk at your own pace, you may access them here.

If you have questions about the content, please email me at ryan@griggscapitalistrategies.com or leave a comment on Facebook.