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Infinite Banking Concepts Authorized Practitioner

Who controls capital in your life?

Relying on lenders for access to money comes at a price:
high interest and fees,
valuable time,
& loss of control.

There's a better way.

It's called the Infinite Banking Concept

This strategy is about building capital on a tax-favored basis that is guaranteed to grow at a compounding, exponential rate, and that you own and control. 

Contact Ryan Griggs today to learn how you can "become your own banker" and take back control of your financial destiny.

What is Fortune Paradigm?

A holistic approach to money


Fortune Paradigm is the virtual office of Founder and Principal Ryan Griggs. We offer a distinctly holistic approach to money and finance for everyone from the individual employee to companies and investors. 

Ryan Griggs earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics from California State University, East Bay. While enrolled in a PhD program in Applied Economics at Texas Tech University, Ryan immersed himself in Austrian Economics — a type of economic thinking that focuses on the prosperity of the individual. He left his PhD program to apply what he'd learned in financial services. In 2017 Ryan was certified by the Nelson Nash Institute for demonstrating his expertise in the Infinite Banking Concept — a cash flow strategy that uses specially designed life insurance to provide unparalleled benefits. 

Ryan's passion is empowering individuals — as employees, business owners, and investors — to maximize their financial potential. Though this may sound complicated, it can be as simple as using the right systems for the right reasons. Doing so can mean legitimate financial prosperity, without the fees, penalties, and taxes. 

Contact Fortune Paradigm today to learn how our unique approach can maximize your potential. 


Ryan Griggs, M.A.  Founder  of  Fortune Paradigm

Ryan Griggs, M.A. Founder of Fortune Paradigm

Click the image to see Ryan's certification page at the Nelson Nash Institute.

Click the image to see Ryan's certification page at the Nelson Nash Institute.

“The problem in America isn’t so much what people don’t know; the problem is what people think they know that just ain’t so.”
— Will Rogers

Strategies for Success

Fortune Paradigm offers prospective and current clients access to The Lara-Murphy Report (LMR) — a proprietary financial newsletter from NYU PhD Economist Robert Murphy and businessman L. Carlos Lara.

Fortune Paradigm is offering visitors free access. See the two options below.

LMR Cover November 2017

LMR Cover November 2017

A recent release 

Opt for the most recent full release of the LMR for free. Each edition includes regular updates on the economy and feature articles from the authors. 

"An IBC Tax Strategy," the three-part series, starts in the January 2017 issue 

"An IBC Tax Strategy," the three-part series, starts in the January 2017 issue 

Applying the infinite banking concept to taxes

Opt for a free three-part series, stretching over three releases, on the IBC and taxes. Small business owners will find this especially insightful.


Positioned for Prosperity.

Everyone can position themselves and their family for financial independence. 

The principles and tools to do it have been around for centuries. 

Contact Fortune Paradigm today to learn how. 


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