Austin G.

Austin G.

Yukon, OK

Financial Advisor

Please share your experience with the IBC:

Nelson Nash, IBC, & his simple 92 page book Becoming Your Own Banker has completely changed my view of money, banking, economics, and financial/retirement planning. I was actually a typical financial advisor with a regional bank for several years. I believed wholeheartedly in the typical strategies, including my disgust of Whole Life Insurance, until I began studying the Bible and what it says about money. It seemed to me that God wanted His servants to maintain control of their blessings to deploy for their own advancement and the advancement of others. The more I learned, the more inconsistent our current financial paradigm became that required abdicating control over our resources, but I didn’t know how it could be different. When I stumbled onto IBC by accident, I quickly saw how simply someone could control as much of their resources as they wanted. As I continued to learn, it was obvious that it was the true way to manage and plan finances today. It has caused me to rethink my career path to transition away from typical financial and retirement advice, as well as, away from typical financial products. It is liberating to know I have complete access to my increasing cash value for the rest of my life without market risk, to know my family will have a source of tax free money to aid them when I "graduate", and how easy I can teach them to continue IBC through multiple generations. In the short time we have been practicing IBC, we have financed a very nice laptop for our home. We are planning to purchase our future vehicles, vacations, and all major expense. We are also planning to transition our mortgage over to our policy(ies) so we can payoff our house early and use the payment to build more capital. I used to think life insurance premiums were just an expense you have to pay to protect your family, which most are; now I understand that IBC policies are not an expense, but an asset that I can build and will pay me much more than I put into it. I now realize I cannot pay enough premium. Thank you Nelson for persevering in the truth so that others may truly be financially free. I greatly look forward to meeting you in our eternal home.

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

The Banking With Life Podcast was pinnacle to my learning process. I initially stumbled on others that were ok, but they introduced IBC and lead me to Nelson. When I started focusing on Nelson, it became very evident who really taught what he taught and who was connected directly to him. I tend to be somewhat of a “purist” in many things, so BWL was a primary resource for me. I listened to all the episodes a few times, read the immediate books about IBC that Nelson was apart of, and several other blogs, articles, and videos. I reached a point in the learning process where it was no longer a matter of if I should implement IBC but when. Both James and Ryan were both incredibly knowledgeable and personable. To this day, I don’t think I could have made a wrong choice on which one I chose to contact, but I was drawn to Ryan’s youthful success, since that’s where I wanted to be. I was a young advisor that wanted to be in the IBC space and I wanted to learn from someone who was already doing it. Since I was already a typical financial advisor, I knew the insurance process and what it was like to work with a typical agent. Clients request policies when they think they have a need for coverage, or their need is revealed through a planning process. They typically don’t have to read anything, or be educated. A quote can be generated within a few minutes and a policy signed in a few days or weeks. I knew Ryan’s process already from his discussions on the BWL Podcast, but when we started the process, I did want more hands-on coaching around design and utilizing policies than I felt he provided. This is typical coming from the way current advice is given. He did provide coaching in the right areas to help me implement the policy and the IBC philosophy. Once it was implemented, I continued to learn and build a relationship with him, my thinking adjusted and I was able to see better how I can use my policies. Then I realized, it isn’t possible for an advisor/agent to tell me what I should do with my stuff. They aren’t me, but only a supporting role to help with the specific tool, not to advise how to live my life and care for my family. Ryan has helped me in my learning process to transition from only thinking of Whole Life Insurance as an expensive death benefit, to understanding the vast benefits and implications of structuring life insurance the IBC way. His teaching around the concept of capital has been paramount in my education and understanding of money, economics, & IBC. It is obvious to me now that our entire financial lives are centered on our access to capital. We can do nothing without it. My experience with Ryan has never felt like a "cookie cutter" scenario, and he is very personable, even remotely. I would like to meet him in person some day, but even through phone and zoom, I feel like I have known him much longer than I have. Probably because I get to hear him often on the podcast. Many times he has answered my questions through the podcast episodes, but anytime I have questions, I email him to answer when he's able. He may reply by email, but many times he will just schedule a call. I greatly value Ryan's guidance and friendship.


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