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Why Choose GCS?

“The mission of Griggs Capital Strategies (GCS) is to provide the intellectual and financial tools necessary for an individual to maximize his or her God-given potential…


About Ryan Griggs

BA, MA Economics

PhD Student in Austrian Economics

Nelson Nash Institute Authorized IBC Practitioner

What is the IBC?

  • How to build and deploy capital that you own and control

  • How to secede from the cartelized, commercial banking system

  • How to build tax-free cash-flow for late in life

  • How to eliminate the massive interest, fees, and emotional drain due to the ‘cost of dependency on third-party capital’




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As of February 2019 Griggs Capital Strategies only accepts payment through Paypal. We will add debit and credit payment functionality soon. Use the Contact form below to get in touch with Ryan with any questions or concerns.


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