Ben B.

Ben B.

Milton, FL


Please share your experience with the IBC:

Somewhat like Nelson himself, I myself owned a dividend paying whole life policy for years before I started implementing the Infinite Banking Concept. I had a tool that I didn't know how to use, and the results were as you would expect. I could say so much about the Infinite Banking Concept, but will limit it to just one thing.... For those who don't own and control a substantial pool of capital, considering IBC can be a bit daunting. We consider what amount of premium we might pay, and once we understand the general shape of our cash value growth, we ask "What am I supposed to do with all that cash value?" But owning a large pool of capital (contractually guaranteed to never decrease in value) changes every aspect of your financial life and it ends up changing you as well. You'll save more, pay debt faster, and be more generous. The clarity of your financial future will cause you to take on less risk, while simultaneously being willing to considering some financial endeavors you never would have dreamed of before IBC. The Infinite Banking Concept is a way of life. It's the solution to all the financial problems you know you have, and all the ones you didn't even realize were there.

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

I started working with Ryan a couple of years ago. I had owned a whole life product for almost a decade, and was introduced to Nelson's book through a friend. Not long after reading the book and poking around online I found Ryan's podcast and Medium blog. I was drawn into Ryan's focus on the foundational concepts of economics, as well as a dedication to teaching the basic precepts of the IBC. Those that are new to IBC, myself included, are so enamored with the many examples of things that IBC policies can be used for, that sometimes the focus of IBC can migrate away from "controlling the banking function" towards a scheme or strategy to make some other financial method even better. So during the process, Ryan didn't outright refuse to coach me on specifically how I might use my policies, as he did talk through some examples. However, he did continue to reiterate the true purpose of IBC- to build capital in the best asset available- and as I've done that I've realized that I will find those ways to utilize my policies, because nobody knows my situation better than me.



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