Billy M.

Billy M.

Perryton, TX

Oilfield Worker and Rancher

Please share your experience with the IBC:

After 5 years of working in the ‘city’ I got the opportunity to return to the farm and begin our journey.

We were forced to change from an Ag Credit Union. We chose a commercial bank where we knew one of the loan officers. Because of the situation which caused the move into the commercial banking system, I went to the bank, especially during the operating note renewal every year, with one thought ‘One day I want to walk in here knowing you are here for my convenience not my necessity!’

After 30 years of farming and operating under the commercial banking system we were not closer, but almost farther from the goal of a bank not being a necessity.

I will insert a little background or flashback to possibly give a very condensed version of our journey. We have always desired to care for the soil we have been entrusted to farm. Much like conventional banking hindered our financial goals, conventional agriculture also hindered the goal of improving our soils. From 2013 to 2018 we had begun a fairly radical shift in our farming to regenerative agriculture shifting completely away from the conventional ways we have farmed in the past. We also encountered several things that were unanticipated such as landlord and neighbor relations created by the switch of farming practices and goals along with a major reduction in cash flow. We continued to make money, but just did not handle enough anymore to have 3 in or going to college. In May 2019, we decided I needed to get an off the farm job to supplement our income.

A coworker introduced me to a podcast and book Farming Without the Bank. The author is a certified IBC practitioner who also encouraged me to read Nelson’s book Becoming Your Own Banker. I somehow found ‘Banking with Life’ podcast with James and Ryan. I also read another book Busting the (Whole) Life Insurance Lies. This concept made so much sense!!! Why am I learning about it at 59 instead of 29 or 39 even?

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

After purchasing my first policy from a non-IBC agent I was introduced to Ryan through my daughter, Sarah, who also has started an IBC system of her own. Ryan graciously agreed to take a look at my first policy and he has given us great advice. Consequently, with Ryan’s help, I have purchased a policy on my wife, and three of my children in addition to the first policy I purchased on myself. Ryan helped us get creative and coached us through the fear of paying a premium. In two years, we have been able to finance our property taxes, our charitable giving to our church, and a growing portion of our ranch’s operating expenses. I am looking at purchasing a second policy on myself which will completely get us out of the ‘Government Sanctioned Retirement Scam.’

Thank you, Ryan, for your willingness to teach us how to use this superior system.


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