Daniel T.

Daniel T.

Olathe, KS

Undisclosed (U.S. Government)

Please share your experience with the IBC:

I was hooked when I heard it was possible to secede in part from the fractional-reserve banking system, right now. Additionally, whole life is a fantastic place to store long-term safer dollars. IBC is about controlling the banking function – it is about access to capital and keeping the profits of that capital.

People understand the concept of building capital through a mortgage. Own rather than rent, and you’ll be better off long-term as you gain equity. It isn’t particularly saving, investing, or spending, but rather a lifestyle choice. IBC is similarly a long-term, equity building lifestyle choice, without locking yourself into a physical location and without the possibility of a particular equity market collapsing. Structured with PUA, you can even reduce the payment if needed.

Most importantly, it is about worldview. IBC is about seeing the world as an entrepreneur. God created us as entrepreneurs – each with a set of gifts and talents. Are you going to use yours, or give them to others to invest for you? Are you going to be ready when the opportunity presents itself?

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I work with Ryan because I trust him. He is an IBC expert, he gives personal recommendations for YOU, and he is committed long term. What more could you ask?


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