Lee A., PhD

Lee A., PhD

Lexington, KY

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Please share your experience with the IBC:

My experience with IBC is extremely favorable. I do regret allowing the din of “expert voices” to suppress the quiet genius of Nelson Nash. Like many, I failed to act once I “caught” the concept from my first reading of Nelson’s book. Instead, for almost two decades, I listened to the naysayers, the “experts” that I knew personally, and those that I heard on radio and TV. You probably know and hear them, too. “Buy term and invest the rest!”

They parrot all the same things today that they did back then, making much of it seem all but proverbial. Nonetheless, the experts are still myopic and misguided, if not flat out wrong. Their perspective completely overlooks that there are vital reasons for IBC that go far beyond a death benefit. That is the genius of Nelson’s ideas and work, and it is this more expansive view of what is possible that has made IBC a successful strategy for reaching my financial and life goals.

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

My experience with Ryan has been very professional and satisfying. Ryan is available and accessible, and he always provides me with thorough explanations when questions arise. He is exceedingly knowledgeable about the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) as a capital management strategy. His expertise extends well beyond IBC to include an understanding of capital, and capital accumulation, perhaps “the” primary argument for IBC. He is a scholar of both Menger and Mises. Further, Ryan understands the Keynesian school as well as the Austrian perspective. In my view, it is important to understand both if one is to capably teach and leverage the benefits of the Austrian school, particularly with respect to its relationship to IBC.

I also appreciate that Ryan personally knew Nelson Nash, and that he continues to honor him through his work, and regular acknowledgements of Nelson’s genius. Nelson attended meetings where Ryan spoke as keynote, and the presentations were so good that Nelson was led to express his admiration and appreciation for Ryan, his work and his message.

Ryan also provides an excellent support structure for the working partnership. In all my interactions with Kim and his staff, they’ve been professional and extremely competent in expediting my interviews, requests and applications. I have recommended Ryan to my family members and think he’s an outstanding choice for an IBC advisor.


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