Sarah M.

Sarah M.

Anchorage, AK

Administrative Specialist

Please share your experience with the IBC:

I first heard about the Infinite Banking Concept while standing in the kitchen. A quick sketch was drawn on the back of a grocery list as my older sibling and Dad “discussed” it. I had no idea what that discussion would lead to. All I knew, was Dad had this little twinkle in his eye and belief, before complete understanding, that this could change our lives.

Shortly after that first brief introduction to IBC and Nelson Nash I read Becoming Your Own Banker. Reading BYOB was both enlightening and frustrating. Great wisdom was clearly painted across the pages. Learning about how to break free from the status quo of the financial world. Seeing clearly how I could invest in myself. That my capital could work for me, growing opportunities I could not even imagine. It was also frustrating, having the scales fall off my eyes and distinctly seeing how I had misunderstood financial opportunities for the first, nearly three decades, of my life.

The first six years of my “adult” life I spent working a plethora of jobs I felt like were the right choice at the time. Sometimes that right choice was just something to enable me to pay my bills. None of those jobs provide me with a “retirement plan” and many made having a financial plan, beyond making ends meet, difficult. I knew as soon as I read about Mr. Nash encouraging long range thinking, and freedom from wall street and the government, that I wanted to learn more. Abdicating my responsibility and opportunity was never something I wanted to do, but until Mr. Nash showed me another way, I thought that was the only, or at least best, option.

Before learning about IBC I did not properly understand capital, how it can grow and how opportunities are created when it is available. I did not know it was even possible to build capital in this manner. To now daily see my cash value growing, knowing that the value will continue up and to the right is not only an exciting thing to watch, it adds a very nice safety net to my financial goals.

Thankfully, while I had heard the phrase “buy term and invest the difference,” I did not have a super strong opinion about life insurance. It was never on my list, because in my mind, as a single person, with limited to no worldly possessions, life insurance was not vital. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Paying premium is no longer an exchange for limited return at some unknown future date, should my time on earth end during the next thirty years. Now, paying premium is an opportunity to invest in my future, and build up capital for whatever exciting adventure lies ahead.

As a single woman, especially one who puts her faith in Jesus and then herself (hopefully in that order) creating a financial plan for the future is not often encouraged. Being financially responsible is held in high regard, as is waiting for a man to come alongside me. After said man is there, then we could figure out the financial future. Thankfully, I have a dad who has spent his life bucking the status quo and shifting his paradigms. Through his introduction to IBC I now have not only a plan, but a system that is daily growing and providing opportunities.

Beginning just three months after having a policy inforce I was able to utilize my system to pay rent in advance, donate to people and causes I love dearly, pay for celebration trips with siblings, and so much more. All accomplished while my capital continued to work for me building on itself and daily growing.

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

My time between first knowledge, to having a policy inforce, was just under three months. Needless to say, I was busy learning everything I could about IBC and finding a practitioner to work alongside. Expectations were few, I wanted someone I could trust and that had deep knowledge of IBC, Nelson Nash's teachings and his business mindset.

Part of my early (and continual) education on IBC came through the Banking With Life podcast. After listening to dozens of hours with James and Ryan discussing IBC, I knew I wanted to at least talk with Ryan. Before setting up an appointment with him, I read all of his blogs, and the Mission and Values of Griggs Capital Strategies, “…provide the intellectual and financial tools necessary for an individual to maximize his or her God-given potential.” I had recently written out my own core values of Integrity, Always Learning, Generosity and Faith. I instantly (almost) knew Ryan was the practitioner with whom I wanted to partner. I saw his integrity and generosity demonstrated through his writing and podcasts. Enabling his clients to always be learning was his mission through GCS. The values of Exclusivity, Education and Autonomy, mirrored my own. All tied together to help maximize my God-given potential. I could not have created a better partnership had I planned it.

That decision was confirmed when I emailed Ryan a question at 11pm on a Friday night. While it was not necessarily an urgent question, I had a rather short turn around to get it answered. Not even ten minutes later, Ryan called me with an answer. Dad had utilized a different agent at the start of his journey and was having issues getting in touch with him. After Ryan called me the stark difference in client care and relationship was clear. That one phone call, solidified my decision to partner with Ryan and GCS.

While expectations were few, they were met and exceeded. Throughout multiple initial conversations, Ryan’s diligence and willingness to understand my goals and implement them in the most beneficial way possible was very evident.

Each of us are unique, with different life goals, past experiences and perspective in how we view the world. Ryan was intentional about learning who I am. He asked deep questions, listened well and built a policy that fulfills my goals. He did the same for my younger sister and brothers as well as my parents. Each policy he designed is unique to each one of us based on goals, age and ability to pay premium.

Setting up his clients for success, without hand holding, is one of Ryan’s greatest assets. However, he is also available and happy to help with any questions I may have. Or even just to catch up and verify I am still progressing towards my goals. Utilizing technology and his ability to communicate well through email and phone, Ryan has built an effective model, serving his clients well.

With thousands of miles separating our physical locations, I would guess I am one of his longest distance clients. I have never had the privilege of meeting Ryan and shaking his hand. While I look forward to that day, never once have I felt that distance has impacted our ability to work well together to achieve my goals.


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