Wayne L.

Wayne L.

Marietta, GA

Insurance Agent

Please share your experience with the IBC:

As a person who over-analyzes all purchases, IBC was a concept that caused extensive time to research that this strategy made the most sense especially with the barrage of bank/investment types negatively loading the internet with the 'perils' of Whole Life insurance. It was then I realized the implicit biases against the understanding of the idea of the 'Being Your Own Banker' concept. Partly due to years of conditioning that we must use traditional banks for our savings and investing as well as 'experts' own selfish interests - the public, with three banks on every street corner, think that is the only place to put our money and get money when needed. Wow the freedom when it is realized that with discipline we don't need 'them' at all. The practice is liberating and provides the ultimate control of our financial security. I literally think to myself everyday how much I wish I knew of this at a much younger age (I am 54). Thankfully it is not too late.

Please share your experience working with Ryan:

Once I believed in the practice and concept of IBC the massive hurdle was to find a practitioner who can help implement the plan without selfish interests and with empathy for our goals and wherewithal to fund. I stumbled upon Ryan during YouTube searches for agents that employ this strategy. I reached out to a few and after speaking with Ryan the best quality I can say is he has a keen ability to listen. He asks questions and listens to what our current situation is, what our goals are going forward - and most of all how do our personalities fit with him and this concept. I wish my doctor was as good as asking questions, showing empathy and preparing a strategy to implement it once he knew the fit was right. Patience and willingness to take as much time was needed to be sure my wife and I are comfortable are attributes that we value with situations like this. We are lucky to have Ryan in our lives and appreciate what he and his office personnel have done for our family.


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