Financial Flow & the Banking Business: They've Got you by the Heart Strings

Many people have difficulty properly conceptualizing money. It's no wonder! Financial education is often hopelessly misguided at best and outright corrupt at worst. I wrote this article to help you better understand money, it's flow, and how it relates to the banking business. Check out an excerpt below and see the full article here. For those who do, there's a free bonus at the end!

From Carlos Lara's May 2014 article in the Lara-Murphy Report entitled "Bank Deposits Are Risky--Now More Than Ever"

From Carlos Lara's May 2014 article in the Lara-Murphy Report entitled "Bank Deposits Are Risky--Now More Than Ever"


"Your income, your investment earnings, your bill payments are all evidence of the fact that money flows, but little attention is paid to this startlingly fundamental fact. Young adults devote a hefty chunk of their lives to studying the flow of blood. Entire professions are devoted to studying, tweaking, and augmenting the flow of it.

Ask yourself how many money flow specialists you know.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t the case that there aren’t any specialists in the science of money flow — of monetary systems. There are. But learning who they are comes with the painful price of self-awareness. Consider this: the monetary specialist in your life is probably not you. Of course, not everyone is a cardiovascular expert, and it’s silly to think that everyone should be their own monetary system expert too. But you know something. The heart, the arteries, the veins. You get the basics. And you know that it’s a good thing that you’ve got your own heart, your own arteries, your own veins, and so on. Many Americans — particularly of the diabetic type — fear not having their own well-functioning blood-flow system, and rightly so. Who wants their blood flowing through someone else’s system?

What constitutes the heart of your monetary system? Maybe you’ve never been asked. We can forgive the financial gurus and advisers who should be asking you. They probably don’t think about money in these terms. After all, they’re a product of the same money education system you see bits and pieces of in the news, in newspapers, and on TV commercials. They don’t know any better. And despite Masters and doctoral training in economics, I didn’t know either. Stunning and sad, but true."

Ryan Griggs